A quick note for when I want to quickly generate maps of a currency or a tax from a client's Zoho Books.

The use-case here is that we are creating a Sales Order in Zoho Books from Zoho CRM and want to map the correct currency and tax by their ID numbers.

Using the REST API and InvokeURL in Zoho Deluge to look at Zoho Books. This uses up an extra 2 calls so you could run them once, store them as a map on your function if you don't want to use up these 2 every time your sales team push a CRM Sales Order to Zoho Books.

An article to note something I didn't realize I needed: How to address the above error and how to update a Shipping Address for a specific Sales Order in Zoho Books.

You might think the following request to create a Sales Order in Zoho Books would be enough:
  "date": "2021-09-08",
  "zcrm_potential_id": "123456789012345678",
  "currency_code": "GBP",
  "reference_number": "Salespersons Test Reference",
  "terms": "These are our test terms and conditions",
  "customer_id": "234567890123456789",
  "payment_terms": 30,
  "salesperson_id": "345678901234567890",
  "line_items": [
      "item_id": "456789012345678901",
      "discount": 0,
      "quantity": 1,
      "description": "A test product description"
  "shipping_address": {
    "address": "Test Street",
    "street2": "Test Street 2",
    "city": "Test City",
    "state": "Test State",
    "zip": "Test Postal Code",
    "country": "Test Country"
  1.  { 
  2.    "date": "2021-09-08", 
  3.    "zcrm_potential_id": "123456789012345678", 
  4.    "currency_code": "GBP", 
  5.    "reference_number": "Salespersons Test Reference", 
  6.    "terms": "These are our test terms and conditions", 
  7.    "customer_id": "234567890123456789", 
  8.    "payment_terms": 30, 
  9.    "salesperson_id": "345678901234567890", 
  10.    "line_items": [ 
  11.      { 
  12.        "item_id": "456789012345678901", 
  13.        "discount": 0, 
  14.        "quantity": 1, 
  15.        "description": "A test product description" 
  16.      } 
  17.    ], 
  18.    "shipping_address": { 
  19.      "address": "Test Street", 
  20.      "street2": "Test Street 2", 
  21.      "city": "Test City", 
  22.      "state": "Test State", 
  23.      "zip": "Test Postal Code", 
  24.      "country": "Test Country" 
  25.    } 
  26.  } 
However, if you try forcing the billing or shipping address in you should get the following error:
Please ensure that the shipping_address has less than 100 characters.

If you get the above error, the community forums will advise you to get the ID of the Shipping Address...
Category: Zoho :: Article: 772

Zoho Creator: Receive eBay Order Notifications via Webhook

This is an article to document how I got a client's eBay to notify the seller every time a buyer bought a fixed price item. This uses the Trading API even though I'm aiming for the Platform Notifications API...

A follow on from my article Zoho Creator: Push to eBay Listings. I have a Creator app that needs to receive the orders from an eBay account as soon as the order or transaction is made on a Fixed Price item.

So first of all, you'll need an access token: please visit my article and read the first part on how to get a valid Access Token for the rest of these steps. Once we have an access token, we will check what notifications already exist (if any), and then we will create a function that subscribes the application so that any order is sent to a URL, specifically a CRM REST API function that will forward the payload data to Zoho Creator (Yes you will need CRM version Enterprise or Zoho One [that supports functions] for this process).

This article serves as a best practice and reminder to myself on how to stop endless loops from happening in Creator and crashing the application. This is more for complex Creator forms which have workflows triggered from many deltas/changes.

Some clients have referred to this as the "spinning circle of death": they load up a Creator application or change a field and there will be a spinning icon indicating that the field has triggered an automation/workflow but it keeps spinning and doesn't stop. The app page will ultimately timeout and when reloading the form it simply displays a blank page. Their only workaround is wait about 30 seconds or more for the loop to automatically cut out and then they can use the interface again only to find it may crash again.

Zoho Creator: Prevent Endless Loops On User Input of a Field

In the background and from a developers understanding: field1 is told to update field2 when field1 is changed. When field2 is changed, it is told to update field1. This causes a recursive or endless loop where each field triggers an workflow/automation, even if the value has not changed, to modify another field and vice-versa. This can get more complex when there are a lot of fields in the mix.

I'm using this article to go through various methods I tried to prevent this from happening:

Zoho Creator: Push to eBay Listings

This is an article to document how I connect a Zoho Creator app to push a product to your eBay listings. By writing this article, I can refine this method as it took me a while to figure out.

I have a client who has a Zoho Creator app and wants to push their products to their eBay account. Previously using Zoho Inventory, we realized that this only syncs 1 way not 2 as per the documentation. In that items sold on eBay sync to Zoho Inventory by means of an eBay Sales Order, and only every 4 hours. We needed something that pushes out to eBay and updates the eBay listing. To complicate matters, the client also uses Shopify which means that when an item is sold by eBay, it would take 4 hours until all systems were aware. 1 customer buying the item off eBay and another customer buying the same item off Shopify would be problematic if the client only has 1 of the item in stock. See my Shopify article to get a webhook response within 5 seconds.

At the time of print, the Trading API of eBay is deprecated and reaches end of life at the end of this year (2021). In this demonstration, we're going to use the Listings API, follow the OAuth 2.0 process to get an access token and use it to create an eBay listing.

This is an article for training purposes. I'm pretty sure there is official documentation on how to do this but I thought I'd write this article to make it simpler for new developers to follow and learn as a quick point of reference.

Some clients systems will presume that they don't need their sales or CRM users to think about tax and probably manage it in Zoho Books leaving it to their finance team. This is a quick run-through for a standard setup to include UK tax/vat.

Here's a quick step-by-step to follow:

A really quick article for anyone experiencing the same issue: As a super admin in CRM, I am denied permission to access the Quote Conversion Mapping page...
Zoho CRM Issue: Permission Denied for Quote Conversion Mapping: the Error

I wanted to map a billing street 2 and shipping street 2 from the Account module to the Quote module, then on convert, to map these to the Sales Order in CRM. As my client's sales team would only create sales orders in CRM and don't use the invoice module (that's for their finance team using ZohoBooks), we disabled the CRM Invoice module.

Therein lies the reason. For the quote conversion mapping, it needs the CRM Invoice module as well.

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