This code snippet took me a while to do and the documentation is flaky so I thought I'd make a note here just in case I need to refer to it again.

I want to modify a picklist and fill it with options from a certain time of the day to the closing time of the day (working hours).

The plan is to iterate through a 24-hour clock, enable adding to the picklist when the starting hour is found and stop adding when the closing hour is found. The picklist field is called "Time_Field".

So this is NOT an article on how to create a MD5 function for an ETag in Zoho Deluge as I expected it would be. At time of print, the Zoho documentation (and Google search results) make no mention of using MD5 in an encryption task.

I'm trying to create an ETag for a synchronization process between Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM. Combining all the fields to compare into a single field can't be done via the documented methods (base64, urlencode or AES) as this exceeds 255 characters (it could be a multiline but this would defeat the objective of an Etag).


So another quick note as I couldn't find a solution on the forums. This is to hide the reset button on a non-stateless form (state form?). I have posted this on the Zoho forums as well but here goes:

Because I can. And because as someone said, a "reset" button is so 1990. I have a confirmation page and don't want the button to show so...


So I thought I'd write an article to help me resolve the particular issue where the organization details and the header of the product line items table would display on the first page, the product line items would then print on the second page, with the terms and conditions or small print notes on a third page.


This is a very quick note with the code to retrieve the full day name from a date (eg. "Monday").

If I use the toString() function to get the day, it only returns the first 3 letters of the day (eg. "Mon").
My_Date = today;
Day_Name = My_Date.toString("E");  // returns "Mon"
  1.  My_Date = today
  2.  Day_Name = My_Date.toString("E");  // returns "Mon" 
Category: Zoho :: Article: 653

This is a very quick note with the code to determine the English ordinal of a date (eg. "st" of "1st"). So in a date, instead of "Tuesday, 6 November 2018", I could want "Tuesday 6th of November 2018".

Well there's a long a way to do it (but reliable). But being limited to the lines of code you can run (ref. "Maximum number of executable statements", anything that reduces the number of lines used would be an improvement. This is how I was doing it previously.
// get the date (eg. 1, 2, 3, ... 29, 30, 31)
	This_Day_Date = My_Date_Field.toString("d");

	// determine English ordinal
	English_Ordinal = "th ";
	if(This_Day_Date == "1" || This_Day_Date == "21" || This_Day_Date == "31")
		English_Ordinal = "st ";
	if(This_Day_Date == "2" || This_Day_Date == "22")
		English_Ordinal = "nd ";
	if(This_Day_Date == "3" || This_Day_Date == "23")
		English_Ordinal = "rd ";

	// display
	info My_Date.toString("d") + English_Ordinal;
  1.  // get the date (eg. 1, 2, 3, ... 29, 30, 31) 
  2.      This_Day_Date = My_Date_Field.toString("d")
  4.      // determine English ordinal 
  5.      English_Ordinal = "th "
  6.      if(This_Day_Date == "1" || This_Day_Date == "21" || This_Day_Date == "31") 
  7.      { 
  8.          English_Ordinal = "st "
  9.      } 
  10.      if(This_Day_Date == "2" || This_Day_Date == "22") 
  11.      { 
  12.          English_Ordinal = "nd "
  13.      } 
  14.      if(This_Day_Date == "3" || This_Day_Date == "23") 
  15.      { 
  16.          English_Ordinal = "rd "
  17.      } 
  19.      // display 
  20.      info My_Date.toString("d") + English_Ordinal; 

Category: Zoho :: Article: 655

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