The aim of this article is to document how you can display a Creator report to the user, that they can select (tickbox) multiple records in that report, and then have a button that loops through all the selected (ticked) records. The example below documents a report of Quotes where we want to merge all the product line items of each quote into one single quote.
Zoho Creator - Report Multiple Records Selected
I've written this article because I keep forgetting on how to do this. I have a specific order of steps on how I do this, you may find other ways but this is one that works for me.

So here's an overview and then we'll go into more detail:
  1. Create a function that accepts a form of records
  2. Create a workflow that understands the function parameters

This is a quick article I use to list step by step on how to set up a custom domain for a Zoho Creator customer portal. In this example, we are going to use a subdomain of a company which has the domain joellipman.com.

This took me a bit of going backwards and forwards to Zoho rather than getting my client to do this. The aim is to take up as little time as possible of the third-parties involved, plus the documentation online was in parts and requires going to several pages across the Internet. Here I have 1 page and 1 article documenting the process.

I'm breaking this down into 3 stages:
  1. Zoho Creator: Specify Custom Domain
  2. Domain Registrar: Setup subdomain and add CNAME
  3. Zoho Support: Get Zoho to setup SSL

So I thought I'd write a quick article to remind me and to develop a simple notification system that will popup for any user on the submit of a form, or on the click of a button or on the click of a link on a page.

Because alert (alert task) can only be used on a load of a form, on a change of a field or on the validate process. And because info can only be displayed to an admin and even in some cases only as an additional link in the form. The example below is for use in a customer portal on the click of a report button (report workflow).

This will create a popup using the built-in popup of Zoho creator and gives you the freedom to style the notification as any modal would.

This is an article documenting how to create a Zoho Creator Widget which includes the Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks as well as other JavaScript functionality.

Quite simply that at time of print (2020-10-24), Zoho Creator does not allow you to use JavaScript anywhere in its app. HTML and CSS are mostly allowed but JavaScript automatically gets removed from any of your code.

As someone who's been using Zoho services and programming in Zoho Deluge for a few years now, even I thought of Zoho Widgets as a daunting task. But after doing some, I realize this is actually very quick to do and much easier than first thought. The article below documents how to create your first widget in a MacOS environment. I aim to create a WindowsPC version of this document at some point for my colleagues. The below instructions follow a fresh install as if this is the first time this computer has created a Zoho Creator Widget.

So this is an article documenting how to create an on/off toggle switch that hides and displays between 2 div layers in a Zoho Creator Page (so not a form or report but a page).

This is written at a time when Javascript or interactive pages that change on the fly based on a mouse event in Zoho Creator automatically get removed on Save/Update of the page. The following uses the built-in functionality of Zoho Creator and could be seen as a 'Pure CSS' feature. I'm aiming to make a list of capabilities that can be done without loading another framework considering that Zoho Creator has their own version of Bootstrap and jQuery. This is the first example I have where you would want dynamic content in a Zoho Creator page without the use of JavaScript or 'Widgets JS'.

Here are some screenshots to preview what the code below will do, simply copy the code and paste into a Zoho Creator Page.

A very quick article as I couldn't find anything on the WWW to document this error.

During a data migration, I was using a custom function to copy all the data from one app to another. The specific form was for "Leads" which contained a subform with a product line item list. If I run this code, I would get the error:
Expecting ZC_SUBFORM_250 expression found COLLECTION expression
  1.  Expecting ZC_SUBFORM_250 expression found COLLECTION expression 
Another error you may get when using the deluge script is:
LIST value cannot be assigned to 'mySubform'
-- or --
COLLECTION value cannot be assigned to 'mySubform'
  1.  LIST value cannot be assigned to 'mySubform' 
  2.  -- or -- 
  3.  COLLECTION value cannot be assigned to 'mySubform' 

Quite simply the error is because the Creator Deluge syntax I was using to insert subform rows was wrong.
Category: Zoho :: Article: 730

This is an article to remind me how to search for CRM records by a value that may contain an ampersand or parenthesis.

I wrote this article because some searches will work for me and sometimes it won't. Escaping the ampersand with a backslash or url encoding to %26 wasn't working for me. I spent several hours trying to write a script that could search for the existing records by company name. The issue is that if you use zoho.crm.searchRecords() this will work fine for company names without special characters such as the ampersand or parentheses. But what if amongst your records you may want to find:
Company Name: Father & Sons (Incorporated)
Contact Name: O'Reilly
  1.  Company Name: Father & Sons (Incorporated) 
  2.  Contact Name: O'Reilly 

Well I've tried various replace methods with regular expressions but the only method reliable enough I have found to work each time is using the CRM Object Query Language or Zoho's COQL. Similar to SQL but subject to similar issues of escaping special characters...
Category: Zoho :: Article: 729

This is slightly different to my article Zoho Deluge: Get Refresh/Access Token API v2 (Zoho to Zoho service) and different to my Zoho CRM: APIv2 using PHP & cURL (3rd-Party to Zoho), in that this details how to setup a connection to use in an invoke URL statement. Specifically for Zoho Books, Subscriptions or Inventory.

Setting up a connection avoids the hassle of having to generate access/refresh tokens using OAuth2.0. Usually used with an invokeUrl:
response = invokeUrl
	url: "https://books.zoho.com/api/v3/estimates?organization_id=12346789" 
	type: GET
	connection: "joelconnector" 
  1.  response = invokeUrl 
  2.  [ 
  3.      url: "https://books.zoho.com/api/v3/estimates?organization_id=12346789" 
  4.      type: GET 
  5.      connection: "joelconnector" 
  6.  ]

So in the following example, we are going to setup a connection in Zoho Books on an EU datacenter:
  1. First determine what datacenter your client is using
  2. Register the App
  3. Setup the Connector
Category: Zoho :: Article: 728

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