This is an article to document how I downloaded an image held in a Zoho Creator form, and sent it to an API wanting the publicly accessible link or URL of the image.

I've got some other articles on handling images in Zoho Creator (see "Sources" below), the most relevant one being my article Zoho Deluge: Get Image Uploaded in Creator Form which has one method of getting a public link.

My use-case scenario here is that while I could upload the link from Creator to eBay's Picture Services successfully, Shopify would not accept any links I gave it. Why not use the links that eBay returns? Well eBay returns URLs to images that have been resized to 400x400 (even with tweak to return 800x800). I wanted a way to upload my image directly to Shopify in 3024x3024 resolution (or the size that the client wants: iPhone res). I then found that Shopify does accept a Base64Encoded version of the image and the below is how I achieved this.

First-off, let me list the various formats that Zoho Creator says that public link exists.

This is an article to document a function used in Zoho Creator to retrieve the Product IDs of all the active products in a client's eBay store.

The use-case was that I wanted to retrieve a list of all the listed active products in a fixed price item listing. The example below is a function which, if given the page number and the number of entries per page, returns these in JSON as a Zoho Map datatype.

I'm not going to go into detail on how I create an access token to query the eBay Trading API as you can read this in my article: Joellipman: Zoho Creator: Push to eBay Listings.

This is an article to document a function used in Zoho Creator to retrieve the Product IDs of all the active products in a client's Shopify.

The use-case was that I wanted to search Shopify using a Product SKU. Community forums could only suggest looping through all the products.

I then felt that actually I just need the Product IDs. This method could do with some refinement and perhaps if I find a better way to do this, then I'll put it here. But I like this snippet of code albeit a brute force to loop through every active product and list their IDs.

So here's the function I came up with. It loops through a maximum of 2500 products sorted in order of ID ascending (starting with ID=0) retrieving 250 per call and using since_id to not list the same one twice.

This article demonstrates how to return a list of unique values in a particular field in a CRM module.

My use-case is a data-migration where the records exist in a staging module in CRM but I want to transform/translate one of the column values into the target

So this is my plan:
  1. Setup a connector to CRM with the scopes ZohoCRM.coql.READ and ZohoCRM.modules.ALL
  2. Build up a SQL query, or more specifically, a COQL - CRM Object Query Language
  3. Try using distinct on a single-line text field
  4. Adapt the query for unique values in a lookup field

I probably won't forget this but just in case I do, this is an article to explain how I got the shipping address from a sales order in Zoho Books into the template of the Package Slips.

It took me a while of playing about with the placeholder reference fields in the template before Zoho advised on a 'hidden' away setting which was key to changing what these display.

What I had:
and in my Sales Order:
-------------------      -------------------
Test Company             Joels PO Box
1 Test Street            1 Different Street
Test City                Another City
Test State Test Zip      Another State Another PostCode
Test Country             A different Country
  2.  -------------------      ------------------- 
  3.  Test Company             Joels PO Box 
  4.  1 Test Street            1 Different Street 
  5.  Test City                Another City 
  6.  Test State Test Zip      Another State Another PostCode 
  7.  Test Country             A different Country 
But the packing slip would display the Ship to address as the same as the billing address... Or more specifically, the primary contact, company, address and phone from the customer record and not from the sales order change.

The key is a setting you need to change by going to Settings > Preferences > Packing Slip Settings > and Enable "Delivery To":
Category: Zoho :: Article: 775

A quick article to remind me on how to upload a photo using CRM API v2. Yes it's documented and yes it still confuses me now and again. So I'm writing this to remind me and to keep reminding me of how to do this.

My use-case is that I have a photo in Zoho Creator but the source doesn't really matter as the part I struggled on was uploading it to CRM. I want to update the photo in the CRM record.

So we have to do the usual which is download the photo using invokeUrl then we set the paramname not to attachment but to file. We then use another invokeUrl to upload the photo to CRM:

A quick note for when I want to quickly generate maps of a currency or a tax from a client's Zoho Books.

The use-case here is that we are creating a Sales Order in Zoho Books from Zoho CRM and want to map the correct currency and tax by their ID numbers.

Using the REST API and InvokeURL in Zoho Deluge to look at Zoho Books. This uses up an extra 2 calls so you could run them once, store them as a map on your function if you don't want to use up these 2 every time your sales team push a CRM Sales Order to Zoho Books.

An article to note something I didn't realize I needed: How to address the above error and how to update a Shipping Address for a specific Sales Order in Zoho Books.

You might think the following request to create a Sales Order in Zoho Books would be enough:
  "date": "2021-09-08",
  "zcrm_potential_id": "123456789012345678",
  "currency_code": "GBP",
  "reference_number": "Salespersons Test Reference",
  "terms": "These are our test terms and conditions",
  "customer_id": "234567890123456789",
  "payment_terms": 30,
  "salesperson_id": "345678901234567890",
  "line_items": [
      "item_id": "456789012345678901",
      "discount": 0,
      "quantity": 1,
      "description": "A test product description"
  "shipping_address": {
    "address": "Test Street",
    "street2": "Test Street 2",
    "city": "Test City",
    "state": "Test State",
    "zip": "Test Postal Code",
    "country": "Test Country"
  1.  { 
  2.    "date": "2021-09-08", 
  3.    "zcrm_potential_id": "123456789012345678", 
  4.    "currency_code": "GBP", 
  5.    "reference_number": "Salespersons Test Reference", 
  6.    "terms": "These are our test terms and conditions", 
  7.    "customer_id": "234567890123456789", 
  8.    "payment_terms": 30, 
  9.    "salesperson_id": "345678901234567890", 
  10.    "line_items": [ 
  11.      { 
  12.        "item_id": "456789012345678901", 
  13.        "discount": 0, 
  14.        "quantity": 1, 
  15.        "description": "A test product description" 
  16.      } 
  17.    ], 
  18.    "shipping_address": { 
  19.      "address": "Test Street", 
  20.      "street2": "Test Street 2", 
  21.      "city": "Test City", 
  22.      "state": "Test State", 
  23.      "zip": "Test Postal Code", 
  24.      "country": "Test Country" 
  25.    } 
  26.  } 
However, if you try forcing the billing or shipping address in you should get the following error:
Please ensure that the shipping_address has less than 100 characters.

If you get the above error, the community forums will advise you to get the ID of the Shipping Address...
Category: Zoho :: Article: 772

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