Joe's Unduplicater (JUD)

If you need to remove files which are simply the converted versions of music or video files, then this tool asks which folder has the files it will keep and which ones it will send to the Recycle Bin.


- Windows XP, Windows 7


Unduplicater Unduplicater Unduplicater


These scripts are offered freely and in good faith. Please do not pass this off as your own work or try to sell it without due credit. Check back with us at for updates/fixes. If you want more support/work done to it, you could consider a donation :c)


OK, it's not the best name for a program and I might be infringing on copyright... Basically this is the third time I wrote this program, simply because I reghost all my computers (Home & Work) each year and can't be bothered to retrieve accidentally deleted programs from my backup drives. I downloaded a load of media files (all legitimately :) and stored them in my music folder. I then run my MP3 software to convert all the files into MP3 format and store these in another folder. I needed a program to:

  1. Check the final folder for all the MP3 filenames
  2. Check the original folder for the same filename (BUT NOT necessarily with the same extension)
  3. Delete the original file if I have the MP3 version as well

Why didn't I just convert the lot and delete everything in the original folder? Well what if I don't? Then I have to go through a few hundred files manually checking that I have the converted version and deleting the original.


If you have a portable media player that needs to convert media files before they can be transferred to the device, then this will list all the originals you no longer need and send them to the "Recycle Bin". Say you've got 100 media files, you sat there patiently waiting for 50 to convert and then cancelled the process for some reason. Your option is then to manually go through both folders and check which ones have already been converted and can now be deleted. Or run this program.


v1.1    (12/07/2010)
	- Added option to ignore prefixes and suffixes to the filename.
	- Colored the folder to keep in Green and the one to delete in Red.
	- Lists failed deletions if there are any.
	- Changed browsing code to loop through folder of files to REMOVE.
	- Changed code to loop through an array of files rather than the directory.
	- Added subtext to inform user at each stage of the process.
	- Added resize capabilities to the program.
	- Added more column details in the review list.

	v1.0    (17/05/2010)
	- Program to cycle through a folder of files to KEEP and check they 
	  already exist in the folder of files to REMOVE.
	- Ignores file extensions and file size differences.
	- Released to the world via
  1.  v1.1    (12/07/2010) 
  2.      - Added option to ignore prefixes and suffixes to the filename. 
  3.      - Colored the folder to keep in Green and the one to delete in Red. 
  4.      - Lists failed deletions if there are any. 
  5.      - Changed browsing code to loop through folder of files to REMOVE. 
  6.      - Changed code to loop through an array of files rather than the directory. 
  7.      - Added subtext to inform user at each stage of the process. 
  8.      - Added resize capabilities to the program. 
  9.      - Added more column details in the review list. 
  11.      v1.0    (17/05/2010) 
  12.      - Program to cycle through a folder of files to KEEP and check they 
  13.        already exist in the folder of files to REMOVE. 
  14.      - Ignores file extensions and file size differences. 
  15.      - Released to the world via 


This program does not install any files. You can run it off the executable (EXE) within or run the Autohotkey file (AHK) if you have AutoHotkey installed on your computer. It was created in AutoHotkey and the download includes the source file if you want to check it doesn't have any malicious code.


As with all my standalone programs, these are standalone portables and can run off a USB disk. They do not have setup files.
  1. Download the from > downloads > Programs > JL Tools > Joe's Unduplicater
  2. Unzip the file (should create a folder)
  3. Run Unduplicater.exe (or if you have AutoHotkey installed, run the Unduplicater.ahk file)


  • Compare the file sizes and delete based on this
  • Specify to ignore EITHER suffix or prefix


Unduplicater Unduplicater Unduplicater


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