The reason I did this is because AEC is now a commercial package and it is somewhat limited in terms of good customer service.  It only really manages the payment side and the complicated tasks of invoicing, but Community Builder provides more options for your website members.  If Joomlapolis ever complete the CB Subscription component then there is no need for AEC anymore.

For this we're basically going to follow the AEC installation instructions backwards.

1. Go to your admin panel (back-end)
2. Extensions > Plugin Manager
3. Go to the bottom and change the display # dropdown to ALL
4. Disable Authentication - AEC Access
5. Enable Authentication - Joomla
6. Re-enable any other authentication plugin you used to use.
7. Disable System - AEC Routing
8. Disable System - AEC ErrorHandling
9. Extensions > Install/Uninstall > Plugins
10. Tick Authentication - AEC Access
11. Tick System - AEC ErrorHandling
12. Tick System - AEC Routing
13. Tick User - AEC User
14. Click the Uninstall icon at the top of the page
15. Click on the Modules link (to uninstall modules)
16. Tick mod_acctexp (if you installed this) and Uninstall.
17. Click on the Components link (to uninstall components)
18. Select AcctExp and click on the Uninstall icon.

Now install Community Builder
1. Download the latest version from
2. Unzip to a folder
3. Login to your admin panel
4. Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
5. Install (remember to wait till it confirms it says "Installation finished")
6. Go back to Extensions > Install/Uninstall
7. Install
8. Install
9. Install
10. Go to Components > Community Builder
11. Click on the Tools link and click on Synchronize Users
12. Go to Extensions > Module Manager
13. Tick next to CB Login, CB Workflows, CB Online and click Enable
14. Return to Components > Community Builder > Configuration
15. Click on the 'Registration' tab
16. Change Allow User Registration to Yes, ...
17. Make your custom configuration and Save the configuration file.
18. Go to Site > Global Configuration > System
19. Select No next to Allow User Registration and click Save

After I installed the rokstories module from, if I clicked on one of the articles (rokstory), I would get a page with the article on it but with the following error (3x) above it:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.../components/com_content/helpers/route.php on line 106
  1.  Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.../components/com_content/helpers/route.php on line 106 

After googling I found an unlikely solution which is becoming typical of Joomla. I hadn't switched the site to SEF friendly yet but I did this just to follow along with the solution. You need to make a menuitem to just one of the articles. I have a menu called "unused menuitems" (named unusedmenu), which isn't displayed anywhere on my site. I'm guessing the reference in the database is what corrects this.

Category: Joomla :: Article: 230

 It took a few google searches until I could find out how to change the default weblinks order.  A lot of websites showed how to do this via the admin back-end panel in the advanced configuration... I can't see this panel, there is no advanced parameters under a weblinks category.

The issue is that suppose a menuitem links to a category of weblinks, the default sort order (as in the first time you view the page) is the order in the admin panel (not even by most recent).  I'm going to show you how to do this by title in ascending order without installing any 3rd-party extension as well as by any of the database values used by each link.

Malware Detected!

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For detailed information about the problems with this site, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this address

I understand that visiting this site may harm my computer.



 The issue here is that you have added all your banners, divided between clients and categories and you're looking for a solution which doesn't involve installing a 3rd party applicatoin.

 Unfortunately the Joomla banner module only supports alternating between banners of either the same client OR the same category.  The setting is in your Joomla > Module Manager > Banner... What I do is I don't select a client but instead just select a category.  Set it to only display 1 banner at a time.  

If you want other categories to display, consider setting categories as vertical, horizontal and square banners.  This means that you can have 3 modules each displaying banners from each category and position these as appropriate.

 This is related to the issue of renaming as your title page in phpBB3.  


You need to login to the phpBB admin control panel (ACP).  On the General tab, look under Board Configuration and click on 'Board Settings'.  The Site name is the first field in the right panel.

"OK this should take just a few minutes..."

I've written this because I spent all night on setting up a "quick" demo resulting in a quick 1 hour nap before having to go to my day job...  It sounds straight forward because both phpBB3 and RocketTheme talk about how to install the RocketTheme templates...  But it's not.  I'm rewriting their instructions here so that I can I do this on other websites:

Important Note:  On Linux (Apache), all file names and folder names are case-sensitive, so phpbb3 is NOT the same as phpBB3.  Bear this in mind during the installation process.


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