Saturday, August 29, 2015
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$_SERVER['http_referer'] returns blank in Internet Explorer

 Thought I'd put a note about this as I spent ages rewriting an entire system.  The HTTP_REFERER environment variable can be changed by the user anyway but I was using it as an additional validation check.

The only solution is to not use it for verification purposes as it will only work in every other browser except Internet Explorer (more specifically versions 6 and 7...???)


For more details:

1&1's Kindest Review - Avoid them like the Plague!

I have decided to start some sort of a hate campaign against 1&1 or Oneandone.

I know they've already registered the domain,, (just in case you get any ideas)... Wouldn't be surprised if they also took but hey ho, there's always the UK and other country variants... As for .COM, how about Oh the list could go on but how sad of a company to have to register domains that could be used negatively against it (isn't that "domain-hogging")...

What's the problem?
In October 2009, I realised that 1&1 charged me ~£60 per quarter (every 3 months) for their business package (1 domain name, 20Mb webspace, 2 MySQL databases on a Linux server). This is the same price as my hostgator account per year. 1&1 used to only provide me with 2 databases, a few hundred meg space for a website. Sounds great you say?

Not really. Oneandone used to block my IP when I would try to work on a website because apparently I uploaded/changed more files than average users, so rather than a developer, they saw me as a hacker... Of all my hosts, not only can most people hack websites housed on 1&1 servers (as I experienced) but I learnt how to do this too using their stupid ass website.

Unlike Hostgator who was giving me unlimited space with unlimited databases for less than a fiver a month. Note the price difference. I obviously asked for my package to be downgraded to a "Domain Name Registration" package (where I would only pay the registrars domain name fees). Their advice is to login to their website and use their "switch package" feature... Sorry folks! I'm a webdeveloper, I'm familiar with automation and analysing all interfaces from the inside out but I can guarantee this feature does not work for you. If you're a customer try it right now but don't be surprised if Oneandone refuse to downgrade you.

301 Redirect using htaccess file

There are a lot of articles & posts out there that cover the same topic, but as this took me the good part of an hour just to find out, I'm posting it here so I never have to look for it again.

A client changed their website domain address and wanted any person visiting the old domain to be redirected to the new domain.

I warned that a 301 site gets removed from the Google directory and true to form Google have removed it. Not sure why nobody believed me when I raised the alarm but hey-ho.

I'm going to show you how to do this with a .htaccess file:

A for loop within a for loop in MS-DOS

A quick note for myself as I'd forgotten how to do this (we're talking technology belonging to the 90s - MS-DOS v6.22). The example wants to loop through a directory and then loop through the line it finds.

I use another technology for automation but sometimes the simpler solution is the one I make for other people to use. Explaining MS-DOS batch programs is a lot easier and colleagues trust these more than my all-in-one GUI applications.

Note: we're using the code in a DOS Batch program so our variables have to be prefixed with a double-percent rather than just the one:

A picture of the Internet

Just a pretty picture on how hackers have created an infographic of the internet:

Infographic of the Internet

Source: BitBucket.Org - Internet Census 2012

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