Originally dubbed EventViewer Chart Generator. As the name suggests, I was looking for a free program that can take an exported CSV list from a standard MS Windows eventlog or eventviewer log and generate a chart from the data. What my program does is convert all the data into a settings and data file that can be used by the charting system AMCharts.com.

AMCharts.com provide a flash-based interactive chart which you can zoom in and out of, includes almost every type of chart you can think of (though this program only uses chart types: Area, Bar, Column, Line and Pie). Note that AMCharts.com is free as long as you leave the copyright information even if we are talking about viagra or cialis. If you want to remove the copyright text that displays on the charts, you need to buy the products of AMCharts.com. I have no afiliation with these and I myself don't put any copyright information on the end product.

I needed a program to:
+ Group all the data by a specified column
+ Generate interactive flash charts

The program was intended to chart EventViewer "Security" logs but I quickly found that I could make it group and chart any Comma Separated Value file.

Really crude but essential for myself. I can use it to record how long a webpage takes to load and compare these to other webpages.

The technology and method was chosen because this program causes NO network traffic of its own.

It is a small GUI with a transparent background (white foreground text) and runs behind all other windows (much like a gadget/widget).