Friday, August 22, 2014
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Joes TimeSheets   Joes TimeSheets is a Joomla Component which lets your website visitors complete and print a timesheet. Logged-in visitors can store timesheets for later.

Use:  Click here
Documentation:  Click here
Module Word Cloud   Joes Word Cloud is a basic joomla extension which displays your website's most frequently used words. This module has somewhat evolved over the years but it's core function is to emulate tagging in articles and automating the whole process.

Download:  Click here
Documentation:  Click here
Module Quicklist Weblinks   Module Quicklist Weblinks is a basic joomla extension which displays your core weblinks in a small table as a module.

You can specify in the admin panel in what order and how many.

Download:  Click here
Documentation:  Click here
Module Revolver Maps   Module Revolver Maps is a joomla module so that you can have a 3d revolving earth displaying all the places of all the website's visitors.

The admin panel lets you change settings or use the code generated by going to the people who make this at

Demo: Download:  Click here

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Welcome to my website!

Hi Everybody!

My name is Joe.  I like to think of myself as a web-developer but then during the day, I'm more of an analyst than a developer.  I've been writing websites and scripts commercially since 1997 and I'm using this website to store notes as I go along.

I specialise in taking over incomplete and/or bespoke systems which have little or no documentation. I like workarounds and solutions and persist in the knowledge that anything is possible, I only have to believe. I thrive on the challenges that the rest of the crowd so easily give up on.

This website has just undergone an upgrade and is still being developed. I'll grant my loyal visitors that the site doesn't look any different but as a bit of a geek, I can assure you that almost every file has been upgraded!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope this website is, as always, of some use to you!


A picture of the Internet

Just a pretty picture on how hackers have created an infographic of the internet:

Infographic of the Internet

Source: BitBucket.Org - Internet Census 2012

ReCaptcha alternative: Integrate PlayThru in JComments 2.3 for Joomla 2.5

Applies to: What?
This article is a follow-up of my article JComments 2.3.0 with Google ReCaptcha (Joomla 2.5.x) but instead of using ReCaptcha, we're going to use an alternative called PlayThru by AreYouAHuman.Com.

The kCaptcha used by the jComments extension is easily automated and no longer blocks spam comments.

So I have come up with what I consider a pretty stable solution. I adapted it from various legacy solutions when using Google's ReCaptcha.

SSRS: Performance Improvements: SELECT TOP

This article details a method we used on a search form in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) environment. The requirement (amongst others) was that the report ran in less than a few seconds.

Analyzing the report through the ReportServer databases (internal auditing) only showed how long the SQL query would take to recover the data and present it in a report, which would average about 0.4 seconds.

We're obviously not interested in shaving off time from 0.4 seconds; no, we're more interested in the fact that 0.4 Microsoft seconds seems to translate to about 10 minutes in the real world. Where do the extra 9 minutes come from? Not the SQL as this runs in 00:00 seconds in SQL Server Management Studio. Not the internal processing and rendering as the report server says it did this in 0.4 seconds. So where's the problem?


Registered Users Cannot Login - Super Users Can

Applies to
  • Joomla CMS v2.5.14

This article is a note on how I fixed an issue on a client site. The website had a redirect on the login which would go to a page accessible by "registered" users but only "Super Users" could actually login. "Registered" users would not be able to login, despite their status in the admin panel saying "enabled" and "activated" (not blocked).

If I used a test account, none of the Joomla groups, not even "Administrators" could login. However set the same test account to a "Super User" and they would be able to login. Was the problem authentication? Restricted access to a component? A load of blab on ACL managers?

In our case, the website had recently been migrated from Joomla 1.5.x to 2.5.x. I asked to examine the database and a quick scan in the assets table revealed 3 assets had the parent_id = 0. Only one asset can have that and that is "root".

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