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Before you ask, I tried Google Prettify and Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter but both were causing problems for the sites I wanted to use it on. Mainly because of JavaScript frameworks (like jQuery and MooTools) conflicting with other scripts but do I really need a complex solution? So here I am making my own again. I wanted something really basic that simply
  1. lets me style content within the <PRE> tags:
  2. Use PHP or JavaScript (avoiding Framework conflicts)
  3. You select what words are highlighted what color.
  4. Uses separate CSS file for overall look.

This is still in development!

Currently this plugin is mostly hard-coded and most of the parameters have no effect. It was initially built for someone as a quick syntax highlighter that recognizes SQL; but I am working on getting it to recognize more programming languages so that I can use it on my own site.

  • Recognizes SQL only
Proposed Enhancements:
  • Recognize PHP
  • Recognize HTML
  • Recognize AutoHotKey (AHK)
  • Recognize CSS
For this reason, please do not install this on a production website. Some of the parameters are experimental and not confirmed so future upgrades may not preserve the settings accurately.

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