A data type reference table. If you're designing a database then you don't need me to tell you what this is.

My personal opinion is to always try to use the minimal type and length of the value required. For example, a comment of 500 words should only be TEXT (~64Kb) rather than LONGTEXT (~4Gb).

The title of this article implies something rather odd and upcoming considering that Sun Microsystems bought MySQL and Oracle bought Sun. But in fact, this is just a quick list of some regular commands in MySQL that I need in Oracle:

Week Ending Date has been requested a lot more frequently now. It's an odd one but the example below shows how to do this for when the week ends on Friday. Assuming it starts on the previous Saturday.

Problems with MySQL weeks always starting on Sunday means this isn't very useful. I have another system which starts on Monday and ends on the following Sunday. The solution below is for the opposite, where the week starts on the previous Saturday and ends on the last working day of the week.

The Solution

Given Data
Activities by employees with start dates and end dates in a mySQL database.


User		Mon	Tue	Wed	Thu	Fri	Sat	Sun	Total
--------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ---------
Me		09:00	07:30	08:00	07:00	06:00	00:00	02:00   36:00
Myself		07:30	07:30	07:30	07:30	07:00	00:00	00:00   37:00
I		03:45	03:30	03:00	03:30	00:00	00:00	00:00   23:00