This article serves as documentation for a module extension I made for the Joomla Content Management System versions 2.5 or later.

Could have probably used someone else's. I think there's loads out there but thought making my own to do exactly what I want was quicker.

Script Function
This displays a google map in a module using the Google Maps API v3 styling features which includes Points of Interest (POI). Considering I spent a good month styling Google Maps for Android OS on a mobile app, having access to the Google Map API v3 in JavaScript is a doddle... And incredible fun! I've added the options to style the map while trying to keep it simple enough for my clients.

Why am I giving it away for free? Could be malicious or could be that I made this for a website, got paid, and I've used it again and again since. I learnt how to do this because someone else taught me for free. Enjoy!


  1. Go to your Control Panel > Extensions > Extension Manager
  2. Upload and Install the Zip
  3. Go to the Extensions > Module Manager
  4. Configure the module "Joes Google Map" (especially the "Menu Assignment")
    1. Set the latitude and longitude of where the map starts
    2. Set the latitude and longitude of your main marker (HQ?)
    3. Set the HTML InfoWindow content (the popup of the marker)
    4. Swith the appropriate Overrides to "Yes"
    5. Leave blank what you don't want to change. Style away!
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