Featured as "New & Noteworthy", with over 1000 downloads in the first week of its release, this module displays a revolving 3D earth globe from revolvermaps.com. RevolverMaps.com is a third-party website with no affiliation to JoelLipman.com. A friend asked if I could create a module with their 3D globe for Joomla 1.5.x and it has been updated since for the latest instalment of Joomla.

The 3D globe shows in real-time, the location of all current website visitors to the page its on. Over the years, RevolverMaps.com have enhanced it to link to statistics using Google's WebGL Globe by their Chrome Experiments team, making this an incredible tool for site analytics.

This extension is a joomla module displaying the words from your Joomla! core articles and displays them in a "cloud" of words displayed in a module. Font-size depends on the frequency of the word throughout your articles.

What makes this word cloud module different is that it takes its words directly from your Joomla! core articles instead of your meta tags which means less work to setup. It has been tested with various languages across the world and 3rd-party templates.

I wanted a module that doesn't need meta tags to be setup for it. I wanted a module which quickly installed and could work as is. I've even added some CSS styling options because I'm that lazy.

Designed to suit as many joomla sites as possible. NO programming required and hardly any CSS. I've made this to install automatically, get all its content and images automatically and then it uses local data from there on. Free Thumbnail Services, effects and colors are now handled by the Module parameters.

This extension will display a top 10 chart of your weblinks in a module on your Joomla website. As long as the weblink is published and approved, it will display. The default is to list 5 but you can set as many as you like. It is intended to work out-of-the-box with minimal setup (like the rest of my extensions - lazy Joe).