Some more distractions. This is my filming of some Radio Controlled cars at the Torch Racing, UK event last Sunday. The FPV latency isn't good on this camera so it was no use here, so several challenges:

  • No FPV: Keep the quadcopter pointed at the car. I treat it like a First-Person-Shooter game where I strafe right moving forwards in an arc to go round corners. Then I learnt there were so many different angles and routes I could have taken (NTS: Take picture of whole track beforehand and plan a route).

  • Strong Winds: Fighting the wind to keep up with the cars. Keep as much space as possible between our marshall.

  • Not Near People: I could not risk flying low so I took a measure of about 3 people high and stood so I could see the height of our 1 marshall's head. To be honest, the reason I wasn't using my propeller guards was that I clean forgot which was rather reckless of me, but the winds were really strong, I'd doubled the cost of the quadcopter and that's my mate's girlfriend. I'll use the guards next time if the wind allows.

  • Do NOT break Line-of-Sight (LoS) for any participants Not distract the drivers or fly between them and their vehicle.

  • Avoid flying over track Especially if there is a vehicle underneath... Um, so I'm sharing the marshall's area.

I reckon they should make drones that go right a tipped over car or bring it back to the track... Then again, couldn't those cars self-right themselves?

Ok. back to work.