Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Javascript error from KunenaDiscuss plugin

Basically the issue is that I installed the Kunena Discuss plugin version 1.6 beta, unsure of what it does, on this website and then my home page would never finish loading...

A javascript error would come up alerting of a problem with the following code:

  1.  function cycleback(){ 
  2.  partscollect[curpart].style.display="none" 
  3.  curpart=(curpart>0)? curpart-1 : partscollect.length-1 
  4.  partscollect[curpart].style.display="block" 
  5.  updatenav(
  6.  } 

I resolved this by uninstalling just that plugin. (well I disabled everything then turned on each plugin one by one... and found it was this one that caused the problem)


Latanya Allyn
# Latanya Sun, 4th April 2010
There's good info here. I did a search on Google, Keep up the good work mate!
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