I thought I'd put something here as there are lots of posts like this on forums (a lot of which seem to be copied & pasted from other sites) but they refer to SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005.

This is how to do it in SQL Server 2008 and creating a report in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or MS Report Builder.

I have a report that specifies some room bookings for a particular week. When I open the report, each drilldown row is collapsed (as opposed to expanded). The user can specify the date as it's a report parameter.

What we want
The user will select a date. We want the report to open with the specified day expanded and the remaining days that week to be collapsed (hidden). The first time I did this, I couldn't expand the remaining days so don't forget to tick the option "display can be toggled by this report item" like I did. ahem...

Well I tried and I spent a few hours searching the net for a solution which displays the hours in the top columns, and undefined number of rooms in the rows. No all I was looking for was a calendar showing 1 day with the hours on the top. Working hours only as well...

Ok I admit I only googled for about 1 hour before I gave up and just wrote my own. Saying that it's taken me 4 hours just to do the below... hopefully it will be quicker next time now that I noted it all down.

This may sound silly to some but I've written a note because I spent time googling and still didn't find an answer.

My situation is that I wanted to put an expression to format the border (empty cells have a border and non-empty don't). This was so that a grid would show for empty spaces.

I wasn't getting very far because I'd even ask the border to be grey and save the project but when I come back to the setting, it's still black.

Re: Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008

Often happens to me and not sure why. You open the project and the window panel for the Report Data containing the parameters and datasets isn't there. I spent a bit of time enabling/disabling toolbars before I found this.

  1. Open a Report solution (or have one open already?)
  2. The menu link is "report data" and it's right at the bottom of the "View" menu.
Report Data at the bottom of the View menu when a report is loaded in the editor