Once again I've spent a whole morning going in the wrong direction with a convincing SQL script. This article is just a note on when using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or Report Builder 2.0 and when previewing the report, the parameters are not accounted for (ie. the SQL query creating the dataset does not use the parameters in its query).


  • Given a date, the date format was reverting to US format as opposed to European
  • Given a Campus as a text value, the SQL query was ignoring this completely
  • Hardcoding the scalar local variables worked

So I find myself searching the web for a way of producing an outlook-style calendar within Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Weekdays along the top and then dates inside. Additionally we would like this linked to events in a database.

I'm calling this project "Reinventing the Wheel" because the request was a report that was similar to an MS Outlook calendar which will display any room bookings for that month. This is "Reinventing" because we used to use MS Outlook to store these kind of things until the company implemented a software to deal with room bookings and said we shouldn't use Outlook for this...

This is just a note for me as it took a while to find on the net and even then it was confusing as to why it works but it does. Not sure whether you call this an MDX Query or part of a Transact-SQL mashup. You need to go to "Fill" (of each text box in the row - unless there's a faster way) and instead of color, click on the expression button (fx) and use the following:

=IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "#ffffff", "#eeeeee")


=IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "WhiteSmoke", "Garamond")

This is telling the report to be white (=#ffffff) in row 1 (odd row numbers) and a very light grey (=#eeeeee) in row 2 (even row numbers). The first row being of all rows in the dataset and not for a particular drill-down item. It will alternate between the two for the rest of the report. [The second example is what I use most frequently].

Thought I'd put a note on how to remove the toolbar using the URL as I didn't find this clear on the net. Tried it and it didn't work. That's because I was using the Reporting Manager URL rather than the Reporting Server URL.