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Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00005

Wednesday, 14th December 2016
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Applies to:
  • Windows Live Mail 2012
A quick article on how to update the Microsoft Live Server URL for Hotmail using Windows Live Mail. Well how to deactivate an account and set up a new one in Windows Live Mail. If you used IMAP all along then the new account will have all your mail.

The error
  1. Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (someone) account.  
  3. Subject 'your Microsoft Issue'  
  4. Server Error: 3219  
  5. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00005  
  6. Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (someone) account.  
  8. Server Error: 3219  
  9. Server: 'https://mail.services.live.com/DeltaSync_v2.0.0/Sync.aspx'  
  10. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00005

I don't remember the time when the Microsoft website became helpful but as they already have an article on this, I'm going to do a bunch of screenshots:

The error is that I can't receive/send messages on this account.
Windows Live Mail - Unable to send or Receive for Hotmail

The problem has something to do with DeltaSync no longer being supported.
Windows Live Mail - Server URL DeltaSync

Deactivate the account by deselecting "include this account when receiving mail or synchronising" in the account properties dialog.
Windows Live Mail - Account Properties Deactivate

Add an account by selecting 'Accounts' tab and then clicking on 'Email' with the plus sign.
Windows Live Mail - Add Email Account

Add your account and tick 'Manually configure server settings'.
Windows Live Mail - Manually configure server settings

Configure server settings complete as per the image below (changing the log-on username to your own):
Windows Live Mail - Configure server settings

The downloading of all your folders will take a while so don't panic if you find empty folders. Doing a 'send/receive' will bring up the dialog showing its progress.
It's gonna take patience and time


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