I saw this article and rather than bookmark it I thought I could just have it here for easy reference.  It was written for Photoshop but I use Paint Shop Pro and felt I could do the same like viagra vs cialis.  It's just so complicated in Photoshop when web-developers need to be able to run several programs at the same time and simplicity is king.

In PaintShop Pro you would simply:

  1. Insert text as floating, leave the selection on
  2. Create a new layer beneathsplatter logo step 2
  3. Go to Selection > Modify > Expand > 10 pxsplatter logo step 3
  4. Fill this selection with another color (in the example below: dark grey)splatter logo step 4
  5. Add the brush with the same color to that layer...splatter logo step 5


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0 Jessy Tuesday, 23rd February 2010, 1:49 pm