These are for autohotkey and in AHK code. Taken from Autohotkey forums topic 1878:

  • From Hexadecimal to RGB
  • From RGB to Hexadecimal
  • Check for a valid hexadecimal value

 Couldn't find this anywhere on the net and kinda needed it so am making a note of how to do it here.

The issue is that I wanted to make my autohotkey program change the image that the mouse hovers over (within it's own GUI).  No third-party component or dll needed, just a slight modification to the mousemove tooltip in the autohotkey manual.

Apologies for copying and pasting this but this is information that is worth NOT losing. Tutorial on how to use COM objects in AutoHotkey.

Source: Jethrow @ Autohotkey Forums

Thought I'd put this down as it took me ages to search the Internet for this solution.  In the end, I found it hidden away in the Autohotkey help file and not under the gui events...

The issue here is if you want to do something when a user resizes your program. 

If you search and search, you'll find that GuiClose responds to when you close the app, and GuiSize will run when you resize the app.