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  1. Category: (Joomla)

    ... the top level parent You will need: Access to the Joomla Administration Panel (to check for and remove expired menu items) A good database administrator who is comfortable with making changes ...
    Created on 13 March 2015
  2. Category: (WordPress)

    ...  Backup the database in LIVE environment Clear the database in DEV Copy database from LIVE to DEV Change database values: Navigate to wp_options table and change the two values where `option_name`='siteurl' ...
    Created on 08 March 2015
  3. Category: (Joomla)

    What? A quick article on how to set a password using the database tools for super users. Why? It happens to us all, especially me. I like to use different passwords for every site but this came ...
    Created on 06 February 2015
  4. Category: (Microsoft)

    ...  I tend to use Excel to reduce the decimal point to only 7 decimal places (for importing to a database where DECIMAL(10,7) ). Merging the lot If B1 contains the coordinates and there is a space ...
    Created on 06 November 2014
  5. Category: (Product Documentation)

    ... aerial surveillance system (less than 20kg equipped with a camera). Regulations different to the UK and US are still being reviewed prior to being added to the database but each country's aviation ...
    Created on 24 October 2014
  6. Category: (MySQL)

    What? A quick article on how to populate a database column from another table using a string comparison. Why? I have several database tables which replicate country names and I would rather they ...
    Created on 22 October 2014
  7. Category: (SITS:Vision)

    ... article on how to get data out of SITS, up to running the monitors and populating an OUTPUT table in the SITS database. Note that this does not include steps thereafter in the Staging or Target destination ...
    Created on 21 August 2014
  8. Category: (SITS:Vision)

    ... the XET export and you should get something like: <stu_codc>5826|England</stu_codc> Almost! If the code and it's short name/full name exist in the database, this works accordingly. ...
    Created on 12 August 2014
  9. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... to "Male", "Prof" to "Professor"). Why? Our extract phase in the SSIS package takes data from a source database and puts it in staging in the exact form it came through. Our transform package will ...
    Created on 05 August 2014
  10. Category: (MySQL)

    Applies to: MySQL Database v5.0.45 MySQL Workbench v6.0.8.11354 build 833 What? This is a quick article on how to get around the problem of backing up your MySQL database when attempting to ...
    Created on 28 July 2014
  11. Category: (General Joomla!)

    What? A quick article on how to use the where clause in a joomla database query. Why? In response to a member, I use the old form where I can include the whole SQL statement: $db->query('SELECT ...
    Created on 16 July 2014
  12. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ...  It might seem trivial but these little aesthetic changes done at the database level can save some time. Why? I have an Excel report which dynamically gets its content from a data source located ...
    Created on 07 July 2014
  13. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    What? This is an article to demonstrate a quick step-by-step on having an SSIS package loop through a directory/folder of files in order to populate a database table. We could add each file as a separate ...
    Created on 13 June 2014
  14. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012. VS2008 for our old SSIS packages and VS2010 for database solutions running against SQL Server 2008 R2. We can use VS2012 for both but this requires upgrading all the ...
    Created on 09 June 2014
  15. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION ufn_ProperCase GO Method #2: Revised version This version will use a variable table but it could be adapted to feed off any database table. As before it capitalizes words ...
    Created on 04 June 2014
  16. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... in a database and rather than a separate file, it stores these in a row. How? Assuming the following data exists in the column "Event_XML" value of the table "XML_EVENTS": <?xml version="1.0" ...
    Created on 27 March 2014
  17. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ...  Analyzing the report through the ReportServer databases (internal auditing) only showed how long the SQL query would take to recover the data and present it in a report, which would average about ...
    Created on 07 March 2014
  18. Category: (General Joomla!)

    ... allows the passwords to be in MD5. All I want is a quick bit of code to get all the users out of a Joomla CMS. How? I could just type a query on the database and get the same result, but this script ...
    Created on 28 February 2014
  19. Category: (General Joomla!)

    ...  Restricted access to a component? A load of blab on ACL managers? How? In our case, the website had recently been migrated from Joomla 1.5.x to 2.5.x. I asked to examine the database and a quick ...
    Created on 26 February 2014
  20. Category: (Uncategorised)

    What? This article is to remind me how to create a blank weekly timesheet which reads the duration of events from a database and auto-completes your timesheet. Why? I'm being tasked to work with ...
    Created on 05 December 2013

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