It's been difficult to find an easy solution to hide menu items from registered users. Finally, I found a solution that works 100% for me using the MetaMod tool without using any template hacks. The instructions on the metamod page are very vague so I wanted to make it bit more in-depth for this specific use. I'd love to hear if this helps you. Let me know if you find any mistakes and I'll be sure to fix asap.


To hide buttons on your site for users that are logged in do the following:

First thing.. Install this -->

**In this example I'm using Joomla 1.5.10 and the 'menu' module position.**

1. Create two menus, mine are named 'pubmenu' and 'regmenu'. (Assuming you already have a menu - easiest thing to do is make the new menu in menu manager for reg users. Next, go to the module mgr and create a new menu module for the regmenu menu, mine are called - 'pubmenu' and 'regmenu'. Edit your original menu module and select everything you want your registered users to see and then copy over to the newly created 'regmenu' module or what ever you called yours.) Make sure both menu modules are enabled.

2. Set the "Access Level" to 'public' and "Menu Items" to 'none' for both of your menu modules.

3. In the modules list, locate the one named metamod and copy it. (Only there if you installed the metamod module)

4. Edit newly copied metamod and rename it to metamod_pubmenu, set "Access Level" to 'public' and "Menu Items" to 'All'.

5. On right side in "Module Parameters" "Show Quick Modules To" choose - 'non-logged in users only' then scroll down to the list of available modules and find the "ID" number for your "pubmenu" item and then input that number in the "Quick Module ID Include" field.

6. Copy metamod_pubmenu, edit and rename it to metamod_regmenu. Then, on right side in "Module Parameters" "Show Quick Modules To" choose - 'Logged In Users Only' then input the ID number for your regmenu module in the "Quick Module ID Include" field.

Make sure everything you created is saved and published and all should work brilliantly. Remember that unpublished modules will not show up in the list of available modules while editing the metamod.

JonP - Webmaster



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0 Alejandro Wednesday, 25th August 2010, 2:36 pm
Perfetto! Fantastico!
0 persephonie Wednesday, 11th August 2010, 2:48 am
This was extremely helpful. I have been trying to find away to hide buttons on the registered side of my site. This tool with your instructions made SO much easier. Thank you so much!